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Car Rental

“Mandril’’ provides unique and exclusive car rental services using a variety of vehicles suitable to customers, with multiple choices at the best rates.

  • Mandril Tours hire comprehensively insured vehicles for short term(Daily, Weekly) and long-term (Monthly, Yearly) with vehicle operators (Drivers/ Chauffeurs).
  • The Car Rental Services Unit of “Mandril’’ is engaged in providing the following activities to fulfill its established goal and purpose:
  • Rendering car-hire services both self- driven and vehicle operator (chauffeur) driven basis;
    Providing temporary, occasional or permanent transport services on contractual agreements such as offering transport shuttles to and from the airport or conference venues;
  • Leasing automobiles for wedding and other special ceremonies;
  • Providing vehicles for company employees’ transportation service. 


  •  Simien Mountains National Park
    The Simien Mountains are Ethiopia’s most popular trekking destination. The typical trekking route involves 3 nights camping in the mountains, but there’s ample opportunity for day trips or longer hikes depending on your fitness level and wider interests.
  • The Simien landscape is staggering, and the park is home to a variety of wildlife, including the endemic Ethiopian Wolf, Walia Ibex, and troops of curious Gelada Monkeys.
  • The Limalimo Lodge and Simien Lodge sit nearby, meaning you can explore the Simies without copromising on comfort.

Bale Mountains National Park

  • The Bale Mountains National Park offers unique and wonderful landscapes. The park is made up of two distinct landscapes, the Harenna Forest and Sanetti Plateau. The park is also home to Ethiopia’s second highest point, Tulu Dimtu, and the country’s largest population of endemic Ethiopian Wolves can be found in the Sanetti Plateau. 
  • There are numerous campsites within the park, so we can stitch together multi-day treks. The Bale Mountain Lodge in the Harenna Forest offers a luxurious lodging option and day hikes can be arranged from here. 

Bird Watching


  • Birding, or birdwatching, is a type of recreational outdoor activity in which people observe and explore birds of all species in their natural habitat. Telescopes, binoculars are some devices used, as well as the naked eye, to engage in birding. Ethiopia, in the Horn of Africa, is an excellent choice for birding. Thousands of visitors visit Ethiopia to behold the splendid wonders of birds interacting with their natural environment. Over 500 species of endemic birds have made Ethiopia one of the most valuable and rich birding destinations in the world. Ankober,
  • Awash National Park and the Bale Mountains National Park are just a few of the bird sites. Whether you in indulge in a short or a long trip, Ethiopia’s feathered mammals can be best seen throughout the summer months. Be sure to plan that next vacation with family and friends to Ethiopia for a memorable experience with the lovely birds

Business Tour & Travel

These tours are special interest tours that can be organized for guests coming to participate in business, conferences, meetings and conventions taking place throughout the country. Our arrangements include from transfer and reception works to organizing the whole package services. We have quick and efficient facilities that can satisfy all the needs and interests of our esteemed guests.